Response to 2012 E3T Smart Residential Thermostat TAG D3 surveys DUE
Start Date/Time: Wednesday, January 2, 2013 5:00 PM
Recurring Event: One time event
Importance: High Priority High Priority
TAG members are asked to complete the four surveys distributed at the end of the 2012 E3T SRT TAG webinar held December 20, 2012.

TAG Scorecard Surveys for Smart Residential Thermostat Technologies
The links below will take you to the four individual surveys. If your mail service doesn’t support hyperlinks, please paste the URL into your browser. The numbers in the titles and the URLs refer to the record number in the database.
You are free to explore the surveys now, but we ask that you hold off on your final ratings and narrative responses until after the webinar. We will keep the surveys open into the New Year, allowing you time to re-examine SRT TAG material and other resources before responding.
• Smart Residential Thermostat - 240
• Utility Programs Using Smart Thermostats-460
• Smart Residential Thermostat with Thermal Optimization
• Self-Learning Smart Residential Thermostat

You should be able to re-enter surveys and make changes at any time, provided you are originating your input from the same IP address. If you experience any problems doing so contact us, or start fresh. We will use the most recent ratings for the surveys when compiling scores, but will capture all narrative comments, including those in duplicate surveys. Generally, we will include only TAG members’ responses in official results. Others may contact us about responding to Scorecard surveys.
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